Jul 14, 2024

Pan American Art Projects

Blurred Identities: An Exhibition by Florida International University Art Students

Devin Ackerman, Alexandra Breaux, Valerie Catalan, Victor Dieguez, Estefania Escobarm, Salma Fernandez, Milagros Gonzales, Paulette Harrington, Mark Herrera, Kaitlyn Howard, Em Krause, Nataly Saavedra, Alba Olea, Paulina Rodriguez, Dana Saenz, Isabella Stark, Ariyana Vicks, Chantae E. Wright

July 14 - September 7, 2024

Opening Reception, Sunday, July 14, 2024 11 - 4 pm

Little River Location

Pan American Art Projects is pleased to announce Blurred Identities: An Exhibition by Florida International University Art Students. This exhibition will take place at our Little River gallery from July 14 to September 7, 2024.

Blurred Identities is a collective exhibition curated by Sandra Ramos, the students’ teacher, and Claudia Taboada. It features the work of selected students from the painting class at Florida International University.

This show delves into the complex layers of self-reference as a method for these young artists to navigate and define their identities within their respective contexts and environments.

The artworks explore diverse themes, highlighting the multifaceted nature of identity. Issues of gender are prominently featured, with pieces that challenge traditional norms and celebrate the fluidity and spectrum of gender. Memory too, plays a crucial role in the exhibition as students reflect on personal and collective histories. Cultural identity is another central theme, with artists drawing from their heritage and traditions to inform their work. This exploration of culture becomes a powerful statement of pride and belonging and a commentary on the challenges of preserving one’s cultural roots in a rapidly changing world. Migration is also an essential subject, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of the FIU student body. The experience of moving between places, adapting to new environments, and the sense of displacement and discovery are poignantly present in these works.

These student artists appropriately use modern and contemporary references: the Fauvist movement, “bad painting,” surrealism, Joseph Beuys’s conceptualism, and Russian realism, which are visual and conceptual arguments for their proposals. Through their art, they articulate the complexities of building a sense of home and identity in an ever-globalized society.

Carolina Sardi

May 25-July 27, 2024

Design District Location

Wonderland is an exploration that embarks on a journey through ethereal landscapes, intricate mindscapes, and retrospective “lifescapes”. It is a captivating exhibition that delves into nostalgia, imagination, and the ideal place. Curated to evoke a sense of wonder and introspection, this exhibition features artworks that traverse the boundaries between reality and fantasy, inviting viewers to explore the intricacies of mental paradises.

Through diverse mediums, including painting and charcoal, the exhibiting artists offer their unique interpretations of nostalgia, crafting scenes that evoke memories of distant places and moments frozen in time. Imagination takes center stage as viewers are transported to fantastical worlds where the laws of physics and logic bend to the whims of the artists’ imagination. Wonderland is more than just a collection of landscapes; it’s a journey into the human psyche, where the viewers can experience a sanctuary of the mind, a refuge from the chaos of the world. With each artwork serving as a portal to these inner sanctuaries, viewers are invited to contemplate the nature of their own mental landscapes and the histories of their lives.

Juan Carlos Alom: Postales del Abismo

Curated by Sandra Contreras

June 21- August 31, 2024

Design District Location

Pan American Art Projects is pleased to announce Postales del Abismo, a solo exhibition by Cuban artist Juan Carlos Alom. The exhibition showcases Alom’s unique vision through striking photographs that challenge conventional notions of identity, strength, and resilience.

In a world marked by shifting ideologies and socio-political landscapes, Alom’s lens captures the essence of the body as more than mere flesh and bones—it becomes a symbol of defiance and empowerment. Through intimate portrayals and thought-provoking compositions, Postales del Abismo, curated by Sandra Contreras, highlights how the human form embodies resistance.

Renowned photographer Juan Carlos Alom invites viewers into a captivating exploration of the human body as a powerful instrument of resistance. His artistic journey is deeply rooted in the cultural and historical context of his native Cuba. His work transcends boundaries, seamlessly blending the personal with the universal. Alom confronts the inevitability of memory’s erosion and the persistent echoes of past traumas. Each photograph is a testament to the body’s capacity to resist and endure, illustrating narratives of survival and perseverance.

At the same time as our show, Juan Carlos Alom will exhibit his work at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum in this exhibition, titled “Entre los Elementos” / “Between the Elements,” will run through November 3, 2024. Moreover, Alom will be part of a group exhibition, “Kaleidoscopes-Cuba: Regards Contemporains,” a group show opening at Galleria Continua on June 23rd in Les Moulins, France.

These exhibitions, as well as ours, highlight Alom’s significant presence in the contemporary art scene as his work gains international recognition.

Sandra Ramos: Impossible Dialogues - Sumerian Disputations

June 21- August 31, 2024

Design District Location

Pan American Art Projects is pleased to announce Impossible Dialogues – Sumerian Disputations, a solo exhibition by renowned Cuban artist Sandra Ramos. This unique art installation will be on display from June 21 to August 31, 2024, inviting visitors to engage in a thought-provoking exploration of civility in communication in the digital age.

Impossible Dialogues – Sumerian Disputations focuses on the symptomatic polarized lack of civility affecting our interactions in social media spaces. Ramos will ingeniously transform the gallery into an Apple store-like environment, where technological products are replaced by clay phones, tablets, and laptops adorned with relief inscriptions of texts and images. This installation will create an ironic palimpsest, juxtaposing the ancient

“Sumerian Disputes” – the oldest recorded word debates on cuneiform clay tablets — with today’s plethora of messages filled with the hatred, intolerance, and extremism found on social networks.

Sandra Ramos is celebrated for her innovative approach to art, often addressing themes of identity, politics, and society. Her work in Impossible Dialogues continues this endeavor, providing a poignant commentary on the nature of discourse in contemporary digital platforms.

About Pan American Art Projects

Pan American Art Projects was established in 2001 with the mission to exhibit and promote established and emerging artists from North, Central and South America, providing a context for dialogue between the various regions. We represent a strong roster of contemporary artists of the Americas and hold a collection of important works from Cuba, Argentina, the U.S. and the Caribbean. Our programming reflects these complementary arenas providing a comprehensive historical context for contemporary tendencies in the visual arts from these regions.

The gallery was born from the personal collection of our owner, Robert Borlenghi, who as a founding member of MOCA Los Angeles made his first trip to Haiti in 1990 and found many great artists that were relatively unknown to collectors in the U.S. He made it his mission to collect and exhibit underrepresented artists from Haiti, Jamaica and later Cuba. This mission then transferred to our gallery when we opened in Dallas in 2001, when we began adding actively represented artists from North and South America.

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