Apr 21, 2024

Pan American Art Projects

From the Sultry to the Subtle: Erotic Art Notes

Mileydy Artiles, William Cannings, Humberto Díaz, Carlos Enríquez, Carlos Estévez, Sasha Katz, Reynier Llanes, Gabriela Martínez, Marlon Portales, Leticia Sánchez Toledo, Adelisa Selimbašić, José A. Toirac, and Chantae Wright.

Feb 3 - 16, 2024

Little River Location

This exhibition invites you to traverse the spectrum of desire, moving from the overtly provocative to the intimately suggestive, challenging preconceptions and confronting the complexities of sexuality, identity, and transcendence. In a world often confined by rigid norms and expectations, the artists featured in this collection fearlessly delve into the realm of explicit content, challenging social taboos and inviting viewers to confront their own perceptions of the erotic. Through raw, visceral expressions, these works seek to unravel the multifaceted layers of desire, pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally deemed acceptable. As the journey unfolds, the narrative subtly shifts, guiding the observer into a realm of nuanced contemplation. Here, the implicit becomes a canvas for self-discovery, allowing the audience to participate actively in the creation of sensual meaning.

Hander Lara: Nothing is Abstract Anymore

Focus Lab: Marlon Portales

Mid-Century Cuban Abstract Art from the Paul and Maggie Cauchi Collection

January 20-March 16, 2024

Design District Location

Pan American Art Projects is pleased to announce three exhibitions in our new space at the Design District. In the West Wing, we will be presenting Hander Lara: Nothing is Abstract Anymore, a solo show of the artist’s most recent body of paintings.

Simultaneously will be launching the Focus Lab, beginning with represented artist Marlon Portales through February 18th. The Focus Lab is a small space dedicated to presentations of artists’ new works or series. Rotating frequently, the Focus Lab will allow for the participation of different artists. In the East Wing, we will have the collective exhibition Mid-Century Cuban Abstract Art from the Paul and Maggie Cauchi Collection: Los Once and Diez Pintores Concretos, with an important selection of works from these iconic movements of the 1950s in Cuba. The exhibits will be on view from January 20 to March 16, 2024. The gallery will host an opening reception on Saturday, January 20, from 6 to 9 p.m.

In Hander Lara: Nothing is abstract anymore, the artist draws inspiration from the interior staircases of the Bauhaus, a cultural icon and pioneering center of art pedagogy. Seeking to blur the boundaries between art and life, Lara uses paint as his medium with nods to abstraction within a specific historicized context. Reflecting on the contemporary connection between abstraction and immediate reality, he observes how art processes have shifted towards a commitment to the contextual and experiential. Lara chooses the Bauhaus stairs as a motif, transitioning from the figurative to the abstract, from the evident to the suggested, and from the lived to the anecdotal, bridging past and present.

Mid-Century Cuban Abstract Art from the Paul and Maggie Cauchi Collection: Los Once1 (1953-1955) and Diez Pintores Concretos2 (1959-1961) will represent two of the most groundbreaking artistic movements from the 50s in Cuba.

About Pan American Art Projects

Pan American Art Projects was established in 2001 with the mission to exhibit and promote established and emerging artists from North, Central and South America, providing a context for dialogue between the various regions. We represent a strong roster of contemporary artists of the Americas and hold a collection of important works from Cuba, Argentina, the U.S. and the Caribbean. Our programming reflects these complementary arenas providing a comprehensive historical context for contemporary tendencies in the visual arts from these regions.

The gallery was born from the personal collection of our owner, Robert Borlenghi, who as a founding member of MOCA Los Angeles made his first trip to Haiti in 1990 and found many great artists that were relatively unknown to collectors in the U.S. He made it his mission to collect and exhibit underrepresented artists from Haiti, Jamaica and later Cuba. This mission then transferred to our gallery when we opened in Dallas in 2001, when we began adding actively represented artists from North and South America.

Carolina Sardi: Empty Spaces
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