Apr 24, 2022

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Serlian Barreto: Carbon

Curated by Claudia Taboada

April 2 – June 4, 2022

Carbon, is a series composed of work produced over the last two years as a homage to his grandfather, who is a life-long producer and exporter of coal in Cuba. Barreto grew up with his grandfather and has in-depth knowledge of the specific procedures to convert organic materials into coal, to later be used as fuel: from gathering raw materials to the characteristics of the ecosystem in which the burning takes place. His paintings resemble a giant notebook depicting this process: what is often overlooked, is magnified through his eyes.

About Serlian Barreto

Serlian Barreto was born in Cuba and lives and works in the United States. He graduated from the San Alejandro Art Academy, Havana. His work has been exhibited in several galleries in Cuba, at the Havana Biennial, and at institutions in Naples, Italy. Despite his short career, Barreto is a talented emerging artist who analyzes each of his works with old-fashioned perspective, much like Renaissance artists: notes, sketches, reference clippings, etc. Most of Barreto’s works are in private collections as well as in The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), Miami, FL, USA; Jorge M. Perez Collection, Miami, FL, USA; and, El Oficio: Revista de Arte y Literatura Magazine Collection, Havana, Cuba.

Lisandra Ramirez: Memories

Curated by Gabriela Azcuy

April 2 – June 4, 2022

Memories, by Lisandra Ramirez is a series based on the reconstruction of memories from the artist’s childhood, where objects are not recreated as they were, but rather as she remembers them, often as collages of amalgamated images. “In her artistic practice, the child’s object —in most cases reimagined — blends with the remains of historic porcelain, cutlery, and a miscellany of cultural artifacts to illuminate the narrative between reality and a dream world. This tension allows her to mediate a dichotomy between the artisanal and the technological, the past and the present, the current over-explosion of images and [basic] information, the public and private space, power relations, fashion, and emigration. Ramirez’ work emerges through the memory of her material and visual culture.” (Gabriela Azcuy)

About Lisandra Ramirez

Lisandra Ramirez was born in Havana in 1986. She graduated from the San Alejandro Art Academy of Havana in 2007 and the Superior Art Institute of Havana (ISA) in 2012. Ram rez has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Cuba and abroad. Her work is in institutional and private collections throughout the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Her recognitions and awards include the First Prize at “Post-it. Cuban Contemporary Art” (2013), the First Prize for the poster design in commemoration of the International Day against Violence promoted by Oscar Arnulfo Romero (2008), and the First Prize at the 4th Visual Arts Salon of the Hermanos Saiz Association (2005). She received a public commission for the creation and installation of a monumental sculpture at the entrance to the Havana harbor.

About Pan American Art Projects

Pan American Art Projects was established in 2001 with the mission to exhibit and promote established and emerging artists from North, Central and South America, providing a context for dialogue between the various regions. We represent a strong roster of contemporary artists of the Americas and hold a collection of important works from Cuba, Argentina, the U.S. and the Caribbean. Our programming reflects these complementary arenas providing a comprehensive historical context for contemporary tendencies in the visual arts from these regions.

The gallery was born from the personal collection of our owner, Robert Borlenghi, who as a founding member of MOCA Los Angeles made his first trip to Haiti in 1990 and found many great artists that were relatively unknown to collectors in the U.S. He made it his mission to collect and exhibit underrepresented artists from Haiti, Jamaica and later Cuba. This mission then transferred to our gallery when we opened in Dallas in 2001, when we began adding actively represented artists from North and South America.

Carolina Sardi: Empty Spaces
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