Dec 3, 2023

Andrew Reed Gallery

Kate Bickmore: After Rainfall

Opening Reception: Dec 5th, 6 - 8pm

Dec 5th, 2023 - Jan 6th, 2024

Andrew Reed Gallery announces After Rainfall, Kate Bickmore’s first solo exhibition in the United States. In this exhibition, the artist’s paintings and watercolors are informed by her own experiences over the past year exploring the subtropical terrain of the Fakahatchee Nature Preserve and Fairchild Botanical Gardens as well as the surrounding environs of her studio in Maine. Bickmore’s profound appreciation of nature lends to flora imbued with life and agency, communicating with each other as focal points within their lush atmospheres. At times, these flora take on a sexually charged connotation: representative of Kate’s romantic encounters as a highly sensitive queer woman.

According to the artist: “After Rainfall implies the end of a difficult time. The rain clears away the dirt and grime and makes everything smell fresh. It is needed to make plants grow: water is integral to life. Similarly, this show is about learning how to keep going after a difficult time, and finding community and growth in a new place.”

About Andrew Reed Gallery

Andrew Reed Gallery is a Miami-based gallery working with emerging and mid-career artists. The gallery seeks to create a dialogue of artists both domestic and international, working across a variety of media while exploring what it means to create art today.
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