Dec 3, 2023

Zilberman Gallery

Landscape of Memories

Carlos Aires, Alpin Arda Bagck, Omar Barquet, Memed Erdener, Itamar Gov, Azade Köker, Larry Muñoz, Sandra del Pilar, Ering Seymen, Yasam Sasmazer, Lucia Tallova, Cengiz Tekin

December 1, 2023 - March 23, 2024

Opening Reception: December 1, 5-8 pm

Landscape of Memories brings together the works by Carlos Aires, Alpin Arda Bagck, Omar Barquet, Memed Erdener, Itamar Gov, Azade Köker, Larry Muñoz, Sandra del Pilar, Ering Seymen, Yasam Samazer, Lucia Tallova, and Cengiz Tekin. Through their distinct artistic approaches, the exhibition delves into the intricate relationships between humans, nature, and memory. In today’s global context, where the integration of natural and human sciences is paramount, memory emerges as a crucial element, offering insights for navigating the present and shaping the future. The complex link between humans and nature shapes a cognitive process influenced by experiences, memory, and the continuous redefinition of vital situations. This exploration is rooted in the bicultural memory inherent in the human species, providing a long-range historical perspective and activating nuanced ways of apprehending the environment, deeply grounded in cultural dimensions.

About the Artists

Carlos Aires (1974, Málaga) illuminates the contemporary using historical and anonymous figures, thrusting catastrophe into the spotlight. His practice deciphers cultural codes, unfurling societal complexities through a narrative, blending individual memories, music, and consumer habits. Aires scrutinizes urgent social issues, challenging hegemonic powers and principal institutions. In his works, a realm of duality emerges, where the wicked coexists with the passionate and the complex with the playful, creating a universe ripe for exploration.

Alpin Arda Bagck (1988, Izmir) challenges the reality of knowledge production by scrutinizing media images and their linked myths and conspiracy theories. Emphasizing the media’s anesthetic effect, he delves into post-truth and authority concepts, highlighting societal pacification through images losing meaning over time. With the use of pencil drawing and oil painting on canvas, his work weaves familiar figures, world leaders, and historical turning points into real or unrealistic narratives.

Omar Barquet’s (1979, Mexico City) art explores the essence of space, time, and memory, navigating the internal human tumult. His distinctive approach involves an analytical understanding of space, blending movement and repetition, visibility and invisibility. He uses a ‘collage’ method to synthesize diverse inspirations, creating a ‘symphony’ as a unifying system. Barquet’s work, rooted in collecting and recycling, breathes new life into materials marked by time and use, like flotsam and driftwood. Guided by indigenous philosophies, he advocates for a holistic view of relationships within communities, addressing the pressing environmental challenges through the revival of ancestral knowledge and spirituality.

Memed Erdener (1970, Istanbul) initiated his artistic journey as Extrastruggle in 1997, creating extroverted works with distinct references. Aptly named, it engaged in a struggle against the dogmatic propaganda system of the Republic of Turkey. In his recent works, Erdener searches to create an alternative language by working with symbols, ideograms,

Zilberman Gallery

About Zilberman Gallery

Founded in 2008, Zilberman is a contemporary art gallery, focusing on internationally promoting contemporary artists from Turkey, introducing international artists to the local art scene, and supporting young artists. With four gallery spaces located in Istanbul, Berlin, and Miami, as well as two project spaces and two artist residencies in Berlin and Istanbul, Zilberman consistently delivers an ambitious annual exhibition and project program. Zilberman occupies two distinct floors within the historic Mısır Apartment, a prominent example of art nouveau architecture in Istanbul. In 2022, Zilberman opened a second location, Zilberman Selected in Piyalepaşa. In 2016, Zilberman expanded internationally and opened its first location in Berlin; in a turn-of-the-century building at Goethestr. 82 which later, in 2023 was turned into a nonprofit project space. Zilberman Berlin relocated to a second location at Schlüterstr. 45, Charlottenburg. The space in Goethestraße remains and continues as a project space, Platform 82. In 2023, Zilberman expanded to the US and opened a new gallery space in Miami Design District. The gallery maintains a strong presence at international art fairs, fostering close relationships with collectors, curators, and art professionals. With a firm belief in a commercial gallery’s role in assuming social responsibility for education and audience development, Zilberman organizes artist talks, lecture-performances, book launches, and roundtable discussions. Furthermore, Zilberman provides artists with opportunities to live and work in Berlin or Istanbul through its artist-in-residency programs. To conclude each year’s exhibition season across all three locations, Zilberman curates ‘Young Fresh Different,’ a group show featuring works of young artists selected by an independent jury from nationwide open call submissions.
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