Dec 3, 2023

Alejandro Piñeiro Bello: En El Arco Del Caribe

Dec 3, 2023 - Jan 13, 2024.

Opening Reception: Dec 3, 2023, 11-4 PM

KDR is pleased to present a solo exhibition of’ work by Alejandro Piñeiro Bello. This exhibition marks his first with the gallery at its new permanent location in the Allapattah neighborhood, on view from December 3, 2023 to January 13, 2024.

In En El Arco Del Caribe (In the Are of the Caribbean), Piñeiro Bello asks us to transcend the tangible and invites us to immerse ourselves in the magic. The exhibition will bring together new paintings, works on paper, and a wooden sculpture. Using traditional materials such as oil on raw linen or hemp, Piñeiro Bello conjures a kaleidoscope of hues, evoking the natural landscapes and folkloric traditions of the

Caribbean. His masterful compositions, abstract and semi-abstract, unfurl like mystical realms, laying bare uncharted territories within the artist’s subconscious.

Included in Piñeiro Bello’s exhibition are his paintings “Nuevo Mundo,” “En El Mar De Las Antillas Que También Caribe Llaman,” and the nocturnal enchantment “Noche Mágica,” which embody the lushness and vibrancy of the Greater and Lesser Antilles in symphonic palettes. In these works, explosions of color; light, and baroque forms refleet the artist’s deep interest in the tumultuous beauty of the natural world, from the first light of dawn to the shroud of night.

Venturing beyond the threshold of his landscapes, Alejandro will feature a unique sculpture titled “Abre Tus Ojos,” hand carved from a mahogany tree. The wooden totem features scenes mirrored from his paintings. A evlindrical panorama of swirled mountain ranges, a radiant sun, graceful palms, and a woman tenderly clasping a child’s hand.

In homage to revered artistic figures like Wifredo Lam, Victor Manuel García Valdés, Mariano Rodríguez, Pablo Picasso, and Hokusai, Alejandro channels fragmented forms, bold brushstrokes, with a vibrant palette. A wellspring of inspiration extends to the written expressions of eminent Cuban poets and philosophers, including José Lezama Lima, José Martí, and Virgilio Piñera.

Earnest Alejandro invites us, with love, to cast aside the veils that distort our perception and engage in an unadorned dialogue with the poetry of flowers, the grace of palms, the vastness of seas, and the whimsical capricious mountains that encapsulates the are of his “Caribe”.

About KDR

Founded by Katia David Rosenthal, KDR305 opened its doors in 2021. Katia represents over a decade of experience in curatorial practice and advising. The gallery is committed to exhibiting emerging and recognized artists from Miami’s backyard and abroad. Initially situated within the historic Little Havana neighborhood, the gallery took residence in a unique 103-year-old house, offering an unconventional setting for exhibitions. Now, KDR has moved to the vibrant Allapattah Neighborhood, marking an exciting new chapter in the gallery’s journey.
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