Jul 14, 2024

Piero Atchugarry Gallery

Pauline d’Andigné: Melting Point

June 08 - September 07, 2024

Exhibiting for the first time at Piero Atchugarry Gallery, French artist, Pauline d’Andigné presents, Melting Point, an inaugural solo-exhibition unveiling works of a hybrid nature, both pictorial and sculptural, conveying themes of rebellion, vulnerability, impermanence, and loss of innocence. d’Andigné brings together a series of never-before exhibited paintings, and a site-relational installation that features melting flower sculptures suspended from harsh metal chains, in an aggressively industrial, anti-precious manner. By taking a traditionally delicate motif, d’Andigné exposes a twisted and audacious subversion from innocence. Her paintings double down on this confrontational ethos through the frenzied application of vivid colors, and unrestrained gestures with the use of oil pastels, suggesting a childlike, uninhibited freedom. Melting Point emanates a bold, anarchic energy that lends itself to the rebellious punk spirit and liberating essence that permeates this body of work.

Sophie Ullrich: All sauce, No shrimp

June 08 - September 07, 2024

Sophie Ullrich’s highly anticipated solo exhibition, “All sauce, No shrimp” debuts a new collection of site-specific paintings and sculptures that entwines modern folklore and scientific inquiry at Piero Atchugarry Gallery. Enriched by her upbringing alongside her mother, a biologist specializing in diabetes research, Ullrich’s childhood was immersed in laboratories brimming with the enchanting mystique of scientific instruments and apparatuses. From an early age she adeptly combined scientific research with her vivid imagination, often concocting her own interpretations of centrifuges, pipettes and glass flasks, laying the groundwork for her artistic approach. Renowned for infusing her paintings with a playful yet deeply personal visual lexicon, Ullrich delightfully illuminates her innate spirit of inquiry through fables.

About Piero Atchugarry Gallery

Piero Atchugarry gallery presents a contemporary art program and modern art survey. The gallery opened to the public in September 2013 with a Post-War Italian art exhibition. By January 2014 the gallery moved to a large stable adapted as an exhibition space in Garzón. In this space the program allowed outdoor and indoor proposal exploration, through the creation of dialogue between architectural features and curatorial practices.

On December 2018, the program expanded to North America with a second location, a 9000 square feet warehouse on 5520 NE 4th Avenue in the Design District neighborhood. The participation of the gallery in what is a boiling art community that connects Europe, Latin America and both coasts of the United States represents the commitment of the program to support and present the work of local and international artists with an institutional approach.

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