Nov 28, 2021

Diana Lowenstein Gallery

Diana Lowenstein Gallery

326 NE 61 Street
Miami, FL 33137
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Group Exhibition

Loris Cecchini, Daniel Domig, Angela Glajcar, Daniel González, Felice Grodin, Udo Nöger, Dirk Salz, Alex Trimino, Daniel Verbis

November 17, 2021 - December 31, 2021

Diana Lowenstein Gallery would like to present the following artists that we recognize represent and push those boundaries Miami is looking for and that are a great asset to the International Contemporary Art scene. These artists are independent in style and concept as well as in their process of creation, yet their works create a visual dialogue, when exhibited together, and essentially exemplify what contemporary art is today. 

The sculpture’s of Loris Cecchini (Italy) respond to the organic. His work playfully investigates the limits of creation generating a continuous detection of exciting art outcomes whose definitions are ever changing. 

For (Viena) artist Daniel Domig, “There is an unfolding and unveiling of color and form. There is a reshaping of the raw and inanimate material of paint.” Domig’s beautiful obscure paintings have a tendency to escape into the blurriness of their shapes and colors. 

Angela Glajcar’s (Germany) paper objects and installations explore the way space is experienced. 

Daniel González (Argentina) His work results from the research into celebration rites and cross-boundaries and it takes the form of public projects, sequined banner-painting and wearable one-off pieces exhibited in high-impact performances. González creates irrational and energetic worlds, areas of freedom in which existing conventions collapse. 

Felice Grodin (United States) her work hovers between the digital and analog realms, creating immersive experiences that have an impact on reality. She incorporates the use of digital tools including augmented reality, digital modeling, fabrication and video.

Udo Nöger’s (Germany) abstract white paintings call upon a powerful yet simple source, light. Intricately constructed pieces which contain elements within the painting, layered cut out pieces of canvas, space and a monochromatic palette of paints come together to capture, transform and emit light.

Dirk Salz (Germany) whose resin objects can be considered a melding, literally and figuratively, of sculpture and painting.

Alex Trimino’s (Colombia) work reflects a collision between past and present narratives through the patterned geometry of natural and synthetic materials.

Daniel Verbis (Spain) has always conceived his work as an investigation process dealing, first of all, with the material and formal procedures of painting, and secondly, with language problems.”

About Diana Lowenstein Gallery

Since 1989, Diana Lowenstein has been part of the international art scene through her role as an active gallery owner and director, first under the name Der Brücke and now as the eponymous Diana Lowenstein Gallery.

Mrs. Lowenstein began her career as a gallerist in Argentina, fomenting young local artists as well as organizing exhibitions of world-renowned foreign artists.

Participating in high-caliber art fairs like FIAC in Paris, ARCO in Madrid, Art Basel, Art Chicago and Art Miami has been a staple in the gallery’s operation. Furthermore, Diana Lowenstein has been part of numerous organizing committees of these fairs, being able to influence their orientation to include a quality Latin American mix of talent.

In September of 2000, the gallery headquarters were moved to Miami. It is now based in Magic City District, the gallery has thirty-two years of specialized experience presenting contemporary art in the United States and across the globe. The Diana Lowenstein Gallery runs a year-long exhibition program in Miami and participates in the world’s most exclusive art fairs, presenting the works of its stable of international artists. She has made it possible for many of her exclusive artists to exhibit works in major world museums and biennales.

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