Oct 2, 2022

Diana Lowenstein Gallery

Diana Lowenstein Gallery

326 NE 61 Street
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Santiago Villanueva: Frozen Balance

September 10 - November 10, 2022

The New Exhibition of the Spanish sculptor Santiago Villanueva, meets something from his three previous series “ Soft Therapy”, “Touch Therapy” and “Evidence”; especially with regard to the concept of static dynamism and the known interest of the artist representing a frozen snapshot, chosen among the many that describes the changing reality of matter in motion. Stopping in front of the works, which with the title “ Frozen Balance” are represented for the first time in the gallery, the slow space surround us and the matter becomes plastic and malleable, possessing a living, light and changing interior energy. The works exhibited continue the line of formal tension drawn up by Villanueva some years ago without abandoning qualities that are so characteristic in his work, such as the neatness of the finishes or the suggestive colors.

About Santiago Villanueva

Santiago Villanueva was born in 1965, Madrid Spain. He has exhibited widely in both Europe, North America and Asia over the past decade. Amongst his solo and group shows: Galeria Xavier Fiol, Palma de Mallorca; Galeria Blanca Berlin. Madrid; Artin Gallery. Milán.Italy; Merkur Gallery. Estambul. Turkey; Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca; Foundation Kühne-Stiftung. Hamburg, Germany; Today Art Museum, Pekin; Alicia Winters, Arhem, Holland; Galeria Mario Sequeira, Braga, Portugal and others.

About Diana Lowenstein Gallery

Since 1989, Diana Lowenstein has been part of the international art scene through her role as an active gallery owner and director, first under the name Der Brücke and now as the eponymous Diana Lowenstein Gallery.

Mrs. Lowenstein began her career as a gallerist in Argentina, fomenting young local artists as well as organizing exhibitions of world-renowned foreign artists.

Participating in high-caliber art fairs like FIAC in Paris, ARCO in Madrid, Art Basel, Art Chicago and Art Miami has been a staple in the gallery’s operation. Furthermore, Diana Lowenstein has been part of numerous organizing committees of these fairs, being able to influence their orientation to include a quality Latin American mix of talent.

In September of 2000, the gallery headquarters were moved to Miami. It is now based in Magic City District, the gallery has thirty-two years of specialized experience presenting contemporary art in the United States and across the globe. The Diana Lowenstein Gallery runs a year-long exhibition program in Miami and participates in the world’s most exclusive art fairs, presenting the works of its stable of international artists. She has made it possible for many of her exclusive artists to exhibit works in major world museums and biennales.

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