Jul 17, 2022

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Daniel González: God of Dancing and his Amulets

June 4 – July 26, 2022

My work centers around the rite of celebration and breaking the boundaries between categories.
When we are celebrating an event, our behavior changes considerably. Inhibitions decrease, we become lighthearted, we dance, talk and share our time with others, regardless of social differences, losing ourselves to a sense of freedom where social norms collapse.

In the paintings and Mylar Works of God of Dancing and his Amulets, I tried to create spaces where to meet and socialize, living an experience with the subjects, characters and thoughts of the artwork.
These artworks are born like a performance. I paint, glue and sew to the rhythm of music. I cover the studio floor with paper and canvas and, in passing, I layer it in stains as a leftover of the experience. I then use this material as the base layer for new paintings.

The Mylar Works are sculptures made with the material that is normally used for scenic theater curtains on Broadway or for wrapping candy. It allows to handle light itself as raw material.
– Daniel Gonzalez, 2022

About the artists

Daniel González was born in Argentina in 1963; he lives and works in New York and Verona (Italy).

His work results from the research into celebration rites and cross-boundaries and it takes many forms: public projects, so called “ephemeral architectures” inspired by baroque celebratory machines, paintings and sequined banner-paintings, “mylar works” and wearable one-off pieces exhibited in high-impact performances. González creates irrational and energetic worlds, areas of freedom in which existing conventions collapse.

In 2021 Daniel González shows a selection of different ephemeral architectures “Personal Disco & Chillout wall” special projects for Roma Arte Nuvola, curated by Valentina Ciarallo and also “Words from the future” for Exibart magazine, within the Pages special project at Art Verona curated by Ginevra Bria.

In 2019 González presents #whatsupargentina Mi Casa Tu Casa, a major retrospective focused on his ephemeral architectures in MAR Museo in Mar del Plata (Argentina) and he makes “Mi Casa Tu Casa”, a huge site-specific ephemeral architecture during Manifesta 12 Palermo collaterals. Of the same year is “KayCasaMaisonHome” for the XXII Esposizione internazionale della triennale di Milano. In 2019 he is shortlisted for a site-specific work to be placed in Humboldt Forum inside Berlin Castle.

In 2017 the artist receives the Pollock Krasner Foundation (New York City) international grant.

Among the others, he exhibited in Zabludowicz Collection (London), Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich (Germany), in El Museo del Barrio (New York, 2011 Latino-America Biennial show), in Viafarini (Milan) and Marsèlleria (Milan), in Neuer Kunstverein (Aachen, Germany), in Prague Biennial, Manifesta 7 South Tyrol and in the following art galleries: Studio La Città (Verona), Diana Lowenstein (Miami, USA), Spencer Brownstone (New York City) and Mimmo Scognamiglio Arte Contemporanea (Milan). He produced site-specific ephemeral architectures for MACO Mexico, Mexico City, Witte de With Festival in Rotterdam, Juliet’s House Museum (Verona), Santo Spirito in Sassia (Rome) and The Chocolate Factory Foundation (Tessin, Switzerland). His works are in several private collections in Italy and abroad, among the others Zabludowicz Collection (London), Fondation pour l’art contemporain Claudine et Jean-Marc Salomon.

About Diana Lowenstein Gallery

Since 1989, Diana Lowenstein has been part of the international art scene through her role as an active gallery owner and director, first under the name Der Brücke and now as the eponymous Diana Lowenstein Gallery.

Mrs. Lowenstein began her career as a gallerist in Argentina, fomenting young local artists as well as organizing exhibitions of world-renowned foreign artists.

Participating in high-caliber art fairs like FIAC in Paris, ARCO in Madrid, Art Basel, Art Chicago and Art Miami has been a staple in the gallery’s operation. Furthermore, Diana Lowenstein has been part of numerous organizing committees of these fairs, being able to influence their orientation to include a quality Latin American mix of talent.

In September of 2000, the gallery headquarters were moved to Miami. It is now based in Magic City District, the gallery has thirty-two years of specialized experience presenting contemporary art in the United States and across the globe. The Diana Lowenstein Gallery runs a year-long exhibition program in Miami and participates in the world’s most exclusive art fairs, presenting the works of its stable of international artists. She has made it possible for many of her exclusive artists to exhibit works in major world museums and biennales.

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