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Juan José Cambre
: Fiesta

Curated by Veronica Flom

September 25 - November 24, 2019

Dot Fiftyone presents Fiesta, the first solo exhibition in Miami by artist Juan José Cambre. Curated by Verónica Flom, this exhibition consists of a series of recent paintings, continuing with his interest in the exploration of color and geometry. The show will be open to the public from September 25 to November 24, 2019.

Colors propose a celebration due to their hues within a meticulous work of composition. The title of the show refers to a specific concept: both art and celebration invite you to stop and enter a time of unadulterated present. It is the creation of a parallel space that sways the senses into perceiving subtle overlaps of color, vibrations, repetitions, and differences. The choice of vibrant and overflowing colors coexists with the rationality in the composition, in which the artist sometimes uses the golden ratio. His pieces have been executed starting from planes that overlap and generate vertical stripes of new hues. The different matrices are presented as chromatic tests, and it is from these nuances that the different pieces are produced.

About Dot Fiftyone Gallery

Dot Fiftyone is a Miami based gallery with a focus on contemporary Latin American art. Founded in 2003 by Alfredo Guzman and Isaac Perelman, the gallery is dedicated to exhibiting emerging and established artists whose works encourage dynamic ideas and discourses. Workshops, lectures, events, as well as philanthropy are also part of the gallery program.

Mr. Perelman, former President of the Miami Art Dealers Association (MADA), and Mr. Guzman, former chairman on the Board of the Wynwood Arts District Association (WADA), have reinforced their involvement in the development of the arts in the city.

Dot Fiftyone enjoys a strong collector base in Miami, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and Latin America.