Feb 18, 2024

Dot Fiftyone Gallery

MOMMYHOOD: Chire Regans (VantaBlack), Pablo Castoldi, Laura Marsh, David Rohn and Danilo de la Torre.

February 18 – April 10, 2024

Dot Fiftyone Gallery is pleased to present “Mommyhood,” an exhibition featuring new works by Chire Regans (VantaBlack), Pablo Castoldi, Laura Marsh, and a video installation by David Rohn and Danilo de la Torre.

After the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus were traditionally believed to be the sons of Rhea Silvia, the daughter of Numitor, the king of Alba Longa. Deposed by his younger brother Amulius, Numitor forced Rhea to become a Vestal Virgin, vowing chastity to prevent her from giving birth to potential claimants to the throne. Despite this, Rhea bore twins, Romulus and Remus, fathered by the war god Mars. Amulius ordered the infants to drown in the Tiber River, but the trough they were placed in floated down the river and came to rest at the future site of Rome, near the sacred fig tree Ficus ruminalis. There, a she-wolf and a woodpecker—both sacred to Mars—nursed and fed them until discovered by the herdsman Faustulus.

Much like the Robin Hood of Love, “Mommyhood” is a group show conceived from the perspective of fulfillment, where the pulse is unconditional love—an embrace that is spontaneous and timeless. These artists share their individual perspectives, exploring the maternal space not necessarily tied to blood relationships but addressing the alignment of human vulnerability, which, when nurtured, grows and transitions into moments of happiness.

VantaBlack presents a complex central installation hanging from the gallery ceiling—braids, plumes, knots, forming suspended totems reminiscent of their mother’s hairstyles. The color and virtual specialty are demarcated in medallion forms, representing headdresses—a synthesis of privacy and sacred fantasies. Pablo Castoldi portrays a woman with a joyfully playing child in large-format drawings, emphasizing the state of grace in the presence of nothing but happiness. In another graphite drawing, a monumental, smiling baby transforms the observer into the nurturing mother; true roles are inherent and spontaneous. Laura Marsh introduces a textile intervention of a written letter to U.S. President Joe Biden where ink becomes fabric, then print, defining times and tribes. The state as parenthood and support.

In the gallery’s video room, David Rohn and Danilo de la Torre present a video that traverses the queer culture of South Beach, paying homage to one of Miami’s first drag queens: Henrietta Robinson, a pioneer who understood and accompanied the generations that fought for and established the rights of the LGBTQ community.

“Mommmyhood” is an exhibition that reflects upon an excessively monetized world, emphasizing that an unconditional action is the sole provider of sustenance for the human experience.

About Dot Fiftyone Gallery

Dot Fiftyone is a Miami based gallery with a focus on contemporary Latin American art. Founded in 2003 by Alfredo Guzman and Isaac Perelman, the gallery is dedicated to exhibiting emerging and established artists whose works encourage dynamic ideas and discourses. Workshops, lectures, events, as well as philanthropy are also part of the gallery program.

Mr. Perelman, former President of the Miami Art Dealers Association (MADA), and Mr. Guzman, former chairman on the Board of the Wynwood Arts District Association (WADA), have reinforced their involvement in the development of the arts in the city.

Dot Fiftyone enjoys a strong collector base in Miami, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and Latin America.

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