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Lush Green Tropical Jungle

Brooks Dierdorff, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, Anastasia Samoylova, and Magnus Sodamin

Curated by Veronica Flom

June 6 - July 20, 2019

The name of the show Lush Green Tropical Jungle alludes to the titles of commercial stock photo databases of tropical areas. The exhibition questions our experience with the environment in a state such as Florida, where the difference among seasons is blurred, and unpredictable weather conditions and natural disasters emphasize both human vulnerability and human manipulation. From paintings of exuberant foliage of the garden of the Fairchild to the celestial photographs depicting Eden; from the tourist-centered areas of Miami to the Eurocentric vision of the tropics, the show’s emphasis centers on this dissonance between nature as both paradise and catastrophe. In the age of Anthropocene, these works raise debates about the ways in which we represent nature and the role that nature has in our life.

About Dot Fiftyone Gallery

Dot Fiftyone is a Miami based gallery with a focus on contemporary Latin American art. Founded in 2003 by Alfredo Guzman and Isaac Perelman, the gallery is dedicated to exhibiting emerging and established artists whose works encourage dynamic ideas and discourses. Workshops, lectures, events, as well as philanthropy are also part of the gallery program.

Mr. Perelman, former President of the Miami Art Dealers Association (MADA), and Mr. Guzman, former chairman on the Board of the Wynwood Arts District Association (WADA), have reinforced their involvement in the development of the arts in the city.

Dot Fiftyone enjoys a strong collector base in Miami, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and Latin America.