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So It Will Be The Past: Marcos Castro

Curated by Verónica Flom

December 1, 2019 - January 20, 2020​

The universe of the ocean, the beach, the surfers and Mexican pre-Hispanic references merge in this exhibition to create Marcos Castro’s own imaginary in his second solo show at the Dot Fiftyone gallery. Castro works with an array of media: painting, drawing, sculpture, video and ceramics. His work focuses on the connection of man with nature, with the wild, the mythical and the sacred. The ritual appears in Castro’s work in different ways, but in these paintings, it revolves around water and mainly within the relationship of surfers, the waves and the movement of the sea. If the ruin was the predominant symbolic element in Castro’s work, in his most recent paintings the body seems to have taken that place. But the body appears in mutation, as an element in permanent transformation. In the transmutation of the body -whether the body is in a state of energy like that of a surfer on a wave or as a skull that reveals that we are pure bone- Castro wonders about the most intrinsic concerns of humankind: the relationship of man with the mysteries of life and death. In his paintings, the scenes are a combination between science fiction and an imaginary past, a kind of timeless Back to the Future or a post-apocalyptic world, which oddly, holds something paradisiacal.

About Dot Fiftyone Gallery

Dot Fiftyone is a Miami based gallery with a focus on contemporary Latin American art. Founded in 2003 by Alfredo Guzman and Isaac Perelman, the gallery is dedicated to exhibiting emerging and established artists whose works encourage dynamic ideas and discourses. Workshops, lectures, events, as well as philanthropy are also part of the gallery program.

Mr. Perelman, former President of the Miami Art Dealers Association (MADA), and Mr. Guzman, former chairman on the Board of the Wynwood Arts District Association (WADA), have reinforced their involvement in the development of the arts in the city.

Dot Fiftyone enjoys a strong collector base in Miami, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and Latin America.