Tile Blush

Tile Blush

8375 NE 2 Ave
Miami, FL 33138
[email protected]

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Cristine Brache, Nicole Burko, Alejandro Cardenas, Naomi Fisher, Matt Lifson, Hugo Montoya, Johnathan Peck, Carlos Rigau, Manny Prieres

June 1 - July 27, 2019

Wanderers, brings together a group of artists who are no longer exclusively based in Miami or South Florida at large. Some have moved away permanently. Some have uncemented futures. Others still check in from time to time or keep a home away from home here.

Sitting between the Caribbean and the US, Miami is a city of multiple international narratives and unlikely coalitions of people. Miami is subjugated by histories that excludes the very nature of our identities as African Americans, Caribeños, Caucasians, Latinos, women, men, and queers. Also, it is important to acknowledge the very land we sit on is not our own, it once belonged to the indigenous peoples of Florida before they encountered Europeans.

About Tile Blush

Tile Blush is a Miami based gallery specializing in Contemporary Art and Design.

Established in 2017, as a new concept reimagined from the remnants of Noguchi Breton, formerly VersaceVersaceVersace and GucciVuitton.