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Kathleen Jacobs: Avion

October 3 - November 23, 2019

Kathleen Jacob’s paintings have a quality of presence that recognizes the unifying flow that connects the trees, roots in the earth, wind, rain, clouds, sky and human experience. A constellation of canvas fragments draws the observer’s gaze from one place to another, creating a unique geometry, calling attention to specific segments on the trunks of the trees. She collaborates with the trees, taking what they offer, and the process of creation becomes an installation in itself. 

About The Bonnier Gallery

The Bonnier Gallery operates in both the primary and secondary market works, focusing on Post-War Art across all media. It also has an active program of art and poetry publications. The gallery advocates its artists’ work through tightly curated exhibitions, American and European art fairs, and scholarly catalogues. The gallery’s exhibition program has five shows annually: two primary market shows, two secondary market shows, and one guest-curated show. This combination allows the gallery to focus on the primary market, while bringing a high caliber and curatorially forward-thinking programming. Every exhibition will be accompanied by a curated a project space that highlights important emerging or secondary market works.