Apr 21, 2024

Fabien Castanier Gallery

Natural Abstractions: Bill Claps

April 13 – May 11, 2024

Fabien Castanier Gallery and Laurent Marthaler Contemporary are proud to present, “Natural Abstractions Florida“, a solo exhibition of new mixed media artworks by contemporary American artist Bill Claps. This exhibition features works from the artist’s Natural Abstractions series, which combines photography, painting, and his signature gold foil technique. Claps presents work that traces a spiritual and reflective path through nature, exploring the transformative power of light.

Natural Abstractions is a series of work greatly inspired by traditional Chinese painters and Japanese printmakers. Their landscapes conveyed the spiritual power of nature and the universal longing to escape into the natural world with the use of negative space and various brush techniques, greatly influencing the European Impressionists. With this homage to traditional Asian paintings and prints, Claps conveys a contemporary perspective upon the power of nature to illicit feelings of meditation, simplicity, and connection to our environment’s most intriguing forms. 

Claps’ creative process begins with photos he captures from around the world. “Natural Abstractions Florida” features photos of the quintessential Floridian flora: Palm trees and ferns, as well as the lush foliage of the Everglades which preside over expanses of clear sky and ocean horizons. Mounted onto canvas, the photographs are enhanced with gold foiling, using a technique he has developed over the years. This process adds layers and surfaces that embolden the natural forms, creating intriguing texture and forming works that reflect light and mimic that which is found in nature. His final step is to paint onto the surface of the work, further enhancing the images and texture. Each work is executed in a positive and negative version, in order to articulate the duality and balance that is the basis of much of oriental culture.

About Fabien Castanier Gallery

Fabien Castanier Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that represents both established and emerging international artists. The gallery cultivates an interdisciplinary program through emphasizing contemporary art including: painting, sculpture, installation, and new media. Fabien Castanier Gallery opened in 2011 in Los Angeles (CA) and relocated in 2018 to Miami (FL). Currently the gallery has one gallery location in the Little Haiti area of Miami. In addition to a foundation of exhibitions throughout the year, the gallery participates in a number of international art fairs, continuing to expand its exhibition program by introducing cutting edge contemporary artists to audiences worldwide.

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