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Hermes Berrio: Your Shoes Will Make You Happy Today

April 1 - April 30, 2023

BREACH gallery presents, “Your Shoes Will Make You Happy Today”, a solo exhibition for contemporary artist Hermes Berrio. This is the second solo show for the artist at BREACH and features new paintings that continue Berrio’s exploration of everyday moments and the beauty found within these snapshots of life.

For this exhibition, the artist delves into the unexpected, presenting studies of seemingly mundane scenes with a focused attention to detail and feeling. Each composition communicates with movement and life, with intentional application of dripping paint and expressive gestures on mixed media. The textures of the canvas reflect the depth of importance that Berrio finds within these commonplace moments. Condiments sit on a child’s breakfast table, dogs relax with someone on a couch, and children with their parents idle at an amusement park. Each painting conveys a dedication to the simplicity of the scene, and conjures a reverence for the familiar. With the exceptional ability to define a sense of the present, Berrio creates worlds steeped in authenticity and truth.

From the Artist
Parenthood has shown me how the quotidian can often contain something inciting and unexpected. A commonplace of the world around me, full of moments of intrigue, entanglement and beauty. Through the pensive act of observation, I find myself documenting and transforming these everyday instances and portraying them into illusory, simple, personable pictures.

With a dramatic and direct style, embedded with mixed media, utilizing materials ranging from acrylic and aerosol, to textiles and gold leaf; combining figures from popular culture and everyday life, I now retain these unusual and yet commonplace experiences. Reaching beyond the simplicity of such fundamental and ephemeral happenings, by exploring the complexity of these simple moments, each picture is a deeply personal snapshot comprising a dear memory, sublimely laying out perspectives that feel universal and unpretentious.

About Hermes Berrío

Hermes Berrío (b. 1980, Colombia), received his BFA from NYU in 2005, and is currently based in Miami. In 2018 and 2022 he was awarded a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation and in 2019 from the Ruth and Harold Chenven Foundation. He has been a Fountainhead Studio artist resident since May 2019. In recent years, he has participated in group and solo exhibitions around the world for galleries and institutions in the U.S. and Colombia, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Australia, and Canada.


BREACH IS the newly founded contemporary gallery from Fabien Castanier and Ed Broner. With Castanier as the gallery’s owner-director and Broner undertaking curation and art direction, BREACH is built on a philosophy of openness and equal opportunity. In contrast to selection processes based on discriminatory categories, such as social background or educational credentials, at BREACH, it is the quality of the artistic work that is paramount in the program’s determination. 

As a decades-long gallery owner and director, Fabien Castanier continues to explore ventures in the art world sphere that bridge the gap between cultures and genres. Founding BREACH has opened up more pathways towards the cultivation of emerging and diverse talent, always with the mission to unlock new potential within a strong international gallery program. With his sights aimed at creating a welcoming space for contemporary and cutting-edge artists, Castanier remains an advocate for the perseverance of the cultural landscape in Miami and beyond.

As an artist and curator, Ed Broner has long been intensly involved with the most diverse places in which painting can be created. On the one hand, he has demonstrated a keen intuition for young talent for many years – even when they were still students experimenting at their universities. He has a sense for trends, movements and emerging careers. His former blog Now Now Contemporary brought about influential discoveries. On the other hand, Ed Broner doesn’t just look around at institutions, nor is he interested in who was a master student of which professor when making his selection. He makes no distinction between self-taught artists, outsiders of an underground culture, graffiti sprayers, or award-winning fellows. Age and origin are also irrelevant. Ed Broner curates paintings, not biographies or profiles. An unfortunately rare but all the more exciting approach.

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